SHOW ME SMITH_2022_10_12 #2 FINAL.mp3

What will Robert do to promote Missouri’s agriculture?

Agriculture is Missouri’s economic giant. By encouraging competition with big agricultural business, reducing restrictions on small family farms and operations, 'Hemp is the future' mentality, Missouri’s agriculture could expand to new reaches.

Where do you stand on Right-to-Work Bills in Missouri?

Robert Smith does not believe in any compulsory requirements, which is exactly what Right-to-Work Bills try to accomplish. The relationship between the employee and employer should stay between the business and the workers; the state should remain out.

What is your stance on the free market?

I believe government intervention has done nothing but manipulate the markets for large corporations and their political cronies. Missouri needs a truly free market with no interference from the State.

What would be your plan to reduce inflation?

Robert Smith plans to lower taxes and reduce government spending. Robert would also fight to make gold and silver legal tenders in Missouri. I would tell the Biden Administration and Federal Congress that Missouri is finished paying federal income tax until they properly manage taxpayer dollars.

Where does Robert stand on abortion?

Robert believes at the very least we should protect life at viability, all persons have the right to life, and that the government does not have the right to control a woman’s body.

Where does Robert stand on no knock warrants?

Robert believes that no-knock warrant's are wrong and should not be practiced. He believes that, if there is no victim, there is no crime.